Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week has literally flown by.

How come on Monday I always feel, "Ugh, can't believe I have a whole 5 days until the weekend!".

Then on Tuesday I wake up saying, "Monday wasn't so bad, but I still have 4 days left! Ugh!"

Wednesday I feel, "Ugh, it is only Wednesday? At least the week is halfway over."

But Thursday always sneaks up on me, and I'm like, "Woah! Today is Thursday? That means tomorrow is Friday?"

Crazy how that works.

Luckily, the entire world now has a song to remind them of this progression:
(I don't know what is more pathetic: this song or the fact I am referencing it.)

So, I am very thankful it is Thursday today, and that tomorrow (aka: Friday) is the last day of the work week. In general, Thursdays are very good days, don't you agree?

I am thankful that I am running my fourth half marathon this weekend. I know I've mentioned it before, but seriously, I'm super pumped to rock this race's face off! Though training hasn't been as diligent as I had planned, I still accomplished a lot of goals and I'm happy where I'm at. 

And I haven't mentioned it before, but I am over the top thankful for my impromptu, running buddy Rachel who has decided to run this half marathon with me. This hot mama jumped into training in week 8 and has rocked all our long runs. I am stoked to have such an amazing running/traveling buddy like her.
The fact that she is a little nutty like me doesn't hurt either.

I am thankful for Donut Wednesday at work. Sometimes the donuts are from infamous Rick's Bakery, sometimes Krispy Kreme, sometimes Harps, but always good! And the yummy frou-frou coffee adds to the awesomeness. Oh, and it is all free. "Free" gets me everytime. 

Speaking of free, I went to a random salon's 'big event night' tonight because they were giving free eye brow waxings. Sign me up! If it is free, I'll practically do anything. Plus they were giving away free champagne,  cheese and crackers, and door prizes! So, really, I am thankful for anything that is free. But who isn't, right?

I am thankful that the past few days have been crisp and chilly! Fall is here ladies and gentlemen, and I'm loving every minute of it! I've been getting to wear scarfs and cute jackets, and not sweat when I drink my morning tea. Oh so nice.

I am also thankful for all the little things in my day, such as...
when my socks do not have holes in them.
when somebody changes out the toilet paper roll.
that I am a heavy sleeper.
and that The Husband tucks me in and kisses me every night.

What are you Thankful for today?

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