Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carefree Cruising

Hello world!

I've been absent from the internet world for over a week and absent from blogging for much much longer (about 24 days, but who's counting?) And to be honest, I haven't missed it near as much as I thought I would.

But let me back up and apologize for my unintentional posting hiatus. My life has been rather monotonous and my creative juices have been lacking. To my handful of readers, I promise to post more...maybe.

As for recent news (and the reason I had zero internet access for a week), I have been cruising around the Western Caribbean for the past 8 days. And by "I" I mean me, Josh, and 10 members of my family.

Best. Time. Ever.

I know I've mentioned it before, but spending time with my family is the most precious thing to me. I love making memories that will last a life time and creating stories that will be told through generations. And on this trip we made enough of both to keep us laughing for years.

The Boys in Costa Maya. We went speed boating and Reid (second on the left) can't dock a boat if his life depended on it.
 Zip-lining in Belize. Imagine the little men on the final platform as they must stop my 6'3" cousin (Drake, top right) zipping towards them at an ungodly speed. Fear.
 My goofy husband in Roatan. Two words: Yard-Long Beverages
 My cool-cat cousins in Cozumel. They are so grown up!
 Toasting with the champagne we won from the Newlywed Game. Yes, we were on the Newlywed Game and yes we won...because we are cool like that. Not only did we win, but we competed against the "Not-So-Newlyweds" who happened to be my grandparents. Let's just say that we now all know a little too much about each other's 'personal' lives. Ew.
We ate the entire time. No lie. If I didn't feel full, I was stuffing my face. Here is the night were the adults left before dessert was served, so us 'kids' had to eat all 12 desserts. Do not challenge us. We will dominate.
The memories and fun were all made possible by my wonderful grandparents. Thank you Meme & Pops!!!! Our family is blessed to have such amazing Christian examples.

And when we returned home on Sunday to 40 degree weather, I was not happy to be back. But alas, the real world must go on. I will just close my eyes and pretend I still hear the waves....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Link Lovin'

Since I have yet to find any motivation to write or share recent happenings, here are some things I love....

I want this, now.

There is just something sexy about a seersucker suit.

I believe this book has forever changed the way I view food.

When I have children, she will wear this and he will wear this.

This summer I am going to perfect my baking skills...starting with these. Yum!

PS. I am currently watching The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime and I don't know why. It isn't even good.