Sunday, October 16, 2011

St. Louis Half Marathon Training in Numbers

I can't believe the Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon will be here in 1 week. A mere 7 days away before I toe the line of my 4th half marathon, before I can cross another state off my running list. I am so excited to be starting this race off injury free and feeling the strongest I've ever felt. I only hope that my progress during training will reflect in my abilities on October 23rd.

Since this has been such a long process, I thought I'd break down my training into some numbers. Lucky for me, I keep a detailed calendar of each run so I can look back and see what I did right and wrong:

Number of weeks: 12
5 weeks of 'pre-training' and 12 weeks of official training

...long runs: 10
Definitely skipped a few, oops!

...long runs with friends: 9
Makes the miles fly by.

...speed workouts: 5
Oh, so now I know why I'm not any faster...

...speed workouts completed solo: 4
Despite being a low number, at least it's better than zero!

...runs with the puppies: 0 
Ajax couldn't keep up and Sully is too young

...runs with the Husband: 5
Life and running are better when he's around

...runs in the rain: 0
Lets hope I'm as lucky on race day

...toast with PB consumed before long runs: at least 20
I easily ate 2 before each long run. Why fix it if it ain't broken?!

...coconut waters consumed after long runs: 8
Refreshing and replenishing! 

While I didn't cross off every run on my half marathon training plan, I am happy with my dedication to this race and my injury-free body. (Number of times I've mentioned my excitement over not being injured...countless!).

Next time I will share with you my goals for this race and what I hope to accomplish! FYI: I probably won't be breaking any amazing records.


  1. I'm so proud of you! I know you'll do amazingly well! I'll be sitting on my bum thinking of you. :)

  2. Best of luck this weekend - it's a great feeling going into a race confident and healthy!