Saturday, August 20, 2016

Olympic Fever

Who else is wrapped up in the Olympic craze? I can't get enough and I am already starting to panic about what will play on our TV 24/7 come Monday.

I'm not kidding. Basketball, rowing, archery, weightlifting. I'll watch it all. But my personal favorite? Track. I know every athlete has dedicated countless hours and sacrificed so much, but something about the faces of the athletes running until exhaustion connects to me. My heart races, my throat seizes up, and tears come to my eyes as each one crosses the finish line. Of course I'm rooting for USA, but I love seeing any athlete win. I just can't explain it.

I'm not a competitive person. I've never had the desire to push my physical limits. And I surely don't consider myself an athlete. But goodness gracious I connect with these runners when I see them reach goals that some deem unobtainable. When I see them give everything they have. Cue the water works.

I dread on Monday when life goes back to status quo and everyone starts arguing about the presidential elections. I want to stay in the Olympic-haze just a little bit longer. Where we all agree and root for the same cause. Let's hold on to celebrating hard work and achievement a little bit longer.