Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspirational Weekend

This weekend was a weekend full of inspirations: I started blogging, I picked up my running schedule again, and we planted new flowers in our garden. 

Again, I have to give credit to Jessi because she gave us these beautiful flowers, which ignited the spark to spruce up our front lawn.

When I say our front lawn needed sprucing, I mean it. Just exactly that. It needed sprucing. It wasn't ugly or even that bad, but just didn't have any color. Our rent house was 'pre-landscaped' and the landlords continue to provide free upkeep (thank goodness!), including mowing and all. But, as with all cheaply landscaped yards, there was nothing special about it

Blah. Boring! I had to do a little begging because it was so late on a Sunday afternoon, but my hubby and I make an impromptu trip to Lowes to give our flower bed a new makeover! We don't know much about gardening but I knew we needed the basics: gloves, hand shovel, water hose, soil, oh, and the flowers. 
I can't express to you how excited I was to start growing some things. Before this, I only had one fern and one leafy plant with a white flower (see how knowledgeable I am?) But now I get to love on little things like this

Isn't she a beaut? I will name her Susie. There are a few more in our garden, but I didn't have time to take pictures of them. Plus, you know what flowers look like. 
Anyways, this is an intensive action shot of digging a hole. Don't get confused by the hairy arms and massive hands, this was Mr. Clark getting in on the action.

I wore these cute little gloves so I won't get my nails and hands dirty.

What I didn't know, was that my body was allergic to yard work. Half way through I began to break out in little red dots all over my arms. This was plenty of an excuse to quit right then and allow Josh to finish the job. I want it to be documented that this is proof that I no longer have to work in our yard....Josh, reading this automatically makes you accept this statement; it is binding.

Needless to say, Josh did a great job and I was more than obliged to sip on some water and tell him exactly were to dig each hole. Here is our finished project.

 God must have smiled on a job well done because a great rainstorm came that night to water our freshly planted flowers. 

I'm not gonna lie, doing little weekend projects around the house with my husband is quite nice. I love experiencing life with Josh and doing all these 'firsts' together. Yes, I didn't enjoy my arms being itchy and red (the picture didn't do the rash justice), but there were tons of laughs and memories were made. 

Now, lets hope I we can keep everything alive! I'll keep you posted....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen

Okay, so lets be a little more realistic...it's more like 'Welcome Mom and Husband" (who am I kidding with the plural nouns?)

We can all thank Mrs. Jessi Leonard for inspiring this blog. Not only is she witty and wildly entertaining, but her personality pops from the print. I have never been much for blogging/journaling/scrap-booking/blah-blah, but have always been in awe of those that are. This is my pathetic attempt to enter that mysterious and magical world of the creative and test my skills in the unrelenting public eye. I will not promise to blog every week, woah, every month...but I do promise to be honest, genuine, and to give you a slight glimpse into my wonderful life full of love and simple joy.

So welcome! And I hope you enjoy the ride. I won't blame you if you pull that little string that buses have to get off early...my silly rantings aren't that entertaining.

(And yes mom, I'll show you how to comment on this thing...once I figure it out myself.)