Friday, May 23, 2014

Stitch Fix: My 2nd box

At the beginning of May I received my second Stitch Fix box. Incase you didn't catch my first Stitch Fix experience, it is a personal styling service that delivers five items of clothing or accessories based on your personal style and budget. You keep the things you like and send everything else back. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, luckily it is not. I ended up keeping all five items and knew I wanted another box ASAP. 

Due to the waiting list I had to wait over a month, but it was worth it. While I didn't love the everything as much as the first box, I wanted to share my items. 

The pictures are terrible quality, as they were taken on my phone, at night time, and half of the living room's light bulbs were burned out. Hence, atrocious photos. Apologies, but beggars can't be choosers. Right?

Not only are the pictures terrible, but I didn't make notes of any prices or names of the pieces. Lets just consider this post a blogging fail and move on, shall we.

1. Tulip blouse
I loved the cut, but wasn't crazy about the pattern or the color. Send back.

2. Crocheted blouse
I loved the color and detail of this top. It was a tad tight in the shoulders, but not too big of a deal. Keep!

3. Chevron top
While I liked the color, this top was sheer and it actually felt a little cheap. It had these buttons on the collar that seemed like they could fall off any second. And, I have to say it, this is a terrible picture! Send back.

4. Chevron maxi dress.
I actually requested a maxi dress so I was really excited to see this in my box. The cut is similar to the dress in my first box but it flattering so I don't mind. I really liked the pattern and quality of this piece. Keep!

5. Bow earrings
I liked the idea of these earrings, but they were really heavy and didn't seem to fit securely. I remember they were a good price, but I wasn't in love with them. Send back.

So, I only kept two of the pieces -the maxi dress and blue crocheted top- both of which I have nothing like in my closet. But I consider it a win! With these two boxes behind me, I can't speak highly enough of Stitch Fix. I love that the shopping is done for me and I get a variety of things I wouldn't normally try. 

If you want to try it for yourself, use my referral link --> STITCH FIX 

And let me know if you do! I'd love to see what you get in your box!