Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 23: Maternity pants convert

My what a difference 10 weeks will make! 

According to my weekly emails, here is what Baby C is up to this week: 

"Your baby is practicing her "breathing" on the amniotic fluid—sucking it in and out of her lungs.  Fat production is in overdrive at this point… Your baby will basically double in weight over the next four weeks! Her body is looking more proportional now and her facial features are fully formed. "

I'm glad she is looking more "normal" and proportional, as I definitely don't want an alien baby (although, let's be honest, newborns aren't that cute anyway).
Outfit credit to my generous mom who took me shopping.
3 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, and a shirt later, I was one happy pregnant lady.

My belly has expanded so much since I last checked in. A mere three weeks ago I was still buttoning my jeans, but I am now fully converted to maternity pants. While I'm sure I could still wear a few pre-pregnant pants, why would I want to? Maternity pants are WAY more comfortable; I don't know what took me so long. 

Besides stocking up on new clothes, Josh and I were also busy in the nursery. My sweet and perfect grandmother bought Baby C a crib (and mattress) and we couldn't wait to put it together. It took me a long time to find a crib that not only matched my style, but also came in white. In the future it can convert to a toddler, day, and full-sized bed. Score!

Now for the deets: 

Baby's size: The length and weight of a Harry Potter book.

Total weight gained: 8 pounds.

Symptoms: I think my abs, particularly my obliques, are slowly becoming affected as it is getting harder for me to roll around in bed or on the couch. It also harder for me to get comfortable sitting or laying down and I find myself tossing and turning at night. Getting up multiple times during the night is now considered normal; I've been told to expect this for the next 10 years of my life. 

Something new: Baby Girl has been moving so much this week, and her movements are getting stronger and more predictable. About 30 minutes after I exercise or after I lay down for the night she'll start kicking away. I can even see and feel it from the outside. 

Best moments: Besides feeling her move around (which of course are Best Moments #1), I really enjoyed going to a breastfeeding/newborn care class with Josh. The free class was held at Terra Tots, a local natural parenting store in Fayetteville that not only has amazing products but is a wealth of information to the community. Since we are planning to cloth diaper, they have been our go-to source for information (Yes, I will blog more on cloth diapering at some point). I am so thankful we have access to such amazing and knowledgeable people.

Most excited about: Our Little Rock shower is next weekend and I can't wait! I am so eager to see all our friends and family and celebrate our Sweet One. 

Things bought for baby: We purchased a humidifier since Baby is due during the cold winter months, but really Josh is congested and we needed it now. Let's just say we are "borrowing" it from Baby for the time being. My mom bought me some maternity clothes and a beautiful glider and my grandmother bought a crib and mattress. This is one loved baby! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Still quite feisty

I typically shy away from writing about my job, the main reason being privacy issues and the big scary legal threat of HIPPA. These sweet old people that I work with everyday have a right to keep their identity and life private so who am I to share their daily activities with the internet world.

That being said, I work with the funniest people in the world. I laugh constantly to myself when interacting with these innocent (and not so innocent) grandmothers and grandpas. It's not depressing working in a nursing home and rehab; I love seeing these people smile, hearing of their families and listening to events of way-back-when.

Everyday I have stories I could tell of what Mrs. D did or what Mr. L said. But in light of sharing personal tales, these will have to suffice as a small glimpse into my day-to-day job:

Oh, how my job makes me laugh. Just because you're old doesn't mean you've lost your spunk.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sister Sister

This past weekend I was blessed to spend time with my oh-so cool little sister. Even though I'm sure she has never watched an episode of Sister Sister, or any other 90's staple, she is still pretty rad. 

At the Women Razorback Soccer game.

You know how they say kids of this recent generation act spoiled, entitled, and only care about TV and iPads? Well, this little squirt is none of the above. She is selfless, sweet, and woke up at 7 Saturday morning to read. Basically, she is just like her big sister.

Playing an educational game of Quelf.

We spent the weekend cold, wet, and wind burnt. I thought I was miserable in the 45 degree rain, but poor Jaden was out playing soccer in it. Good thing she is young and resilient. 
Perfect soccer weather.

Warming up between games with hot chocolate and books!

As I live 3 hours away, we rarely get to spend quality time together. I wish I could watch all of her soccer games. I wish I could pick her up from school and get ice cream every day. I wish we had our own little secrets and traditions. But more than anything, I just wish I could be around more to pass on all the things I have learned in my 27 years of living. 

So I've compiled an ever-growing list of things I wish I knew during my pre-teen and teens years (you know, because I am so wise and knowledgable now) in hopes that she doesn't make quite as many mistakes as I did. 

Don't worry about the style of your clothes. 
No matter what, you will look back and hate it.

It is okay to have boyfriends (when you're much older, of course) but make your friends more important.
Your friends are probably cooler anyway. 

Don't be afraid to fail. Try everything. 
Sports. Art. Music. Drama. Quiz Bowl. Whatever.
When you're a kid you can fail at everything and no one really cares.
It only matters that you're trying and having fun.
The adult world doesn't work that way.

Don't dumb yourself down. 
You're smart and talented.
Be proud of that.

School can be hard. Kids can be mean. It's life.

While you're trying so hard to be like other people, they are trying to be like you. 

Mom and Dad will annoy you and make you mad. 
Their rules can seem unfair and stupid.
But give them a break- I had the same rules and look how cool I turned out.

Remember that you will have a little niece looking up to you. 
And you're going to be the best aunt ever.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 20: Registered?

Ladies and gentleman, we have made it to the half way mark. It is completely mind boggling than in 5 months we will be holding our baby girl. I imagine those cold February days sitting by the fire, reading a book, while Sweet One sleeps away in my arms. That's a realistic view of life with a newborn, right?

Since Baby is due in February, deciding on dates for baby showers was a little awkward due to the holidays. So far we have decided to do two showers: one in November in our hometown and one in January, if weather cooperates. 

Now, I obviously registered for wedding showers when Josh and I were engaged but registering for babies is a whole other ballgame. Who knew babies "needed" so much stuff! How many choices of high chairs, nipples, and spoons does a person who can't even talk need? 

Registering at Target: The smile on my face is deceptive; I'm actually thinking, "What the heck is a receiving blanket?!"

So, I am begging you for advice. What did your baby need? What brands do you swear by or avoid? Does it really matter what type of bottle warmer I ask for? And more importantly, if your baby doesn't use it any more can I borrow it? 

20 weeks
 Man, I look tired.

Baby's size: An American dollar, and is the weight of 50 quarters. My little money baby.

Total weight gained: 5 pounds! Since I've been in the 2nd trimester I've averaged about 1 pound a week, which I think is right on target. Sad to say, I don't think it has all been healthy weight gain as I've indulged in practically every want and desire.

Symptoms: My appetite has easily doubled and my sleep is consistently interrupted. I'm getting up at least twice at night to pee and drink a gallon of water.

What I've been eating: Chocolate: check. Cheese: check. Extra helping of bread: check. I definitely need to say no to more cravings and yes to more salads, but it is oh-so hard!

Workouts: Not so hot in this area either. I've only been to the gym a handful of times in the past few weeks, but I am determined to do better. Something that came so easily before now seems so hard to make a priority. My goal is three days of activity this week and that should be very obtainable!

Wearing: I am still buttoning the majority of my pants but there are a few pairs I need a rubber band to make them more comfortable. My shirts are fine as well but I hate the way I look in most of them. I feel thick, not pregnant. And it doesn't help that someone pointed out my "growing love handles"...that's how you make a pregnant girl feel good.

Best moment: Seeing our sweet girl for the first time and hearing from the doctor that everything looks perfect.

Most excited about: Feeling her move around. I have felt a few things and have just assumed it was gas (I mean, come on... I pregnant!), but now I'm thinking it may actually be movement. They say before bedtime is the best time to feel flutters, but once I lay down I'm asleep in 5 minutes leaving little time to concentrate on the movements in my belly.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's a....


Last night's sleep was lousy, as all I could think about was getting to the doctor's office to find out what our sweet one was going to be. Sitting in the waiting room, Josh and I couldn't talk about anything else.  We have been wondering for so long, it was surreal knowing we were about to finally find out.

Besides finding out very clearly that this was a girl, seeing all her sweet body parts and movements was amazing. I found myself saying, "Oh! Look at that sweet elbow!" or "Her kidneys are so cute!" Only a mom can love her kid's abdomen and extremities, right? 

The doctor confirmed that everything looks healthy. Little Miss is measuring on the smaller side for 19-weeks but they aren't going to adjust my due date. The doc is happy with my weight gain and my seemingly easy pregnancy (knock on wood!). 

So, it looks like about half of you were correct- congrats! To the other half, Derek was sure hoping you were right; he was counting on a boy who he was determined was going to be named Derek Jr. 

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Josh and I are completely in love.