Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Risks and Rewards

Well, these storms over the past few days have been quite devastating. Besides my poor flowers getting a little beating, we didn't have any real damage to our home. However, just north of Fort Smith was hit hard by flash flooding. And unfortunately Mason Creek Farm, the farm where we are CSA members and get our organically grown veggies, was not spared. I was sent an email this week from the owners with pictures of the damage:
The owners will be spending the next 3 weeks rebuilding the fences and clearing the debris, which means no veggies; fingers crossed that the already established veggies will survive for the weeks to come. I guess this is what it means when they say, "you share the risks and well as the rewards of the farming season" when you join a CSA!

On a brighter note, tomorrow is the ROYAL WEDDING!! Guess who has the DVR set?
Isn't she flawless? Oh, what I'd give  to be a royal princess...

But even more importantly, tomorrow is my 25th birthday!! 
I have a feeling 25 won't be near as monumental as 24 (I won't be getting married, I won't be moving to a new city, and I won't be starting my first grown-up job...yeah, 24 was a big deal) but I know it will be amazing! I can't wait!

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