Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Imagine...

...that the following is a picture of me with the oh-so-awesome Ben from Ben Does Life.

Because I accidentally deleted the actual one from my camera. (This is the one I took a fellow running-buddy and the only other picture I have of Ben)

Complete disappointment!

Ugh! And the picture was super awesome too. You'll have to trust me on that one.

Ben came and told his inspirational story to the running group Women Run Arkansas-Fort Smith (which is a 10-week running clinic I have yet to really discuss on here, but plan to soon). He has done amazing things and it was awesome to meet him in person!

Just Imagine...
...that even though it was in the 50s today, I enjoyed a wonderful warm weekend with friends. Which included friendly games of Bag-O:
 A fun game of Quelf:
 And a little too much of this:

I blame WrestleMania (and my husband's nostalgic love for wrestling) for the hours spent in front of the television instead of basking in the beautiful sun. 

Now, let me just imagine that it is Friday because I have super fun weekend planned. I'll give you a hint: Devil's Den State Park!

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