Sunday, April 10, 2011

Library Love: Born To Run

I love to read. I grew up watching my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mom spend countless hours pouring over books. And now that I am almost one-year post graduation, my appreciation has only grown. Lucky for me (and my monthly budget), Fort Smith has one of the biggest libraries in the state of Arkansas.

My most recent read was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.

I first picked up this book because it was a 'running book' and I needed some motivation. (It was a sad time. Please don't make me talk about it.)  The author is actually someone who initially believed he was not born to run, but after exploring the secret world of the Tarahumarah Indians his philosophy changed. McDougall unveils the history and culture of the Tarahumarah, who live in the seemingly uninhabitable Copper Canyons of Mexcio. Then he and a handful of ultra-runners (crazy people who run 100 mile races) travel to Mexico to compete with the Indians in a treacherous 50-mile race. It's pretty epic.

My only complaint: Skip chapter 28...I wish I would have. It consisted of 31 pages attempting to prove the notion that evolution has made humans into naturally born long-distance runners. How I longed for the author to realize that our highly complicated and intricate bodies could only come from a Higher Creator.

However if you truly feel that you were not built to run and have zero motivation to try, I would recommend this book to you. You do not have to be a runner to read this book, but warrning: You will want to be a runner.

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  1. Oh I think I need to add this to my reading list!!