Monday, April 11, 2011

Cabin Fever

This weekend was quite the whirlwind. Josh and I traveled 45 minutes north to Devil's Den State Park to spend the weekend with friends. 

Quite beautiful and relaxing. I could have spent the entire weekend listening to the water.
But we had more important things to do. Like eating.
And hiking
over trees
and through waterfalls.
The hike itself was only 1.5 miles because we had some goofing around to do. What is a weekend with friends without silliness?

Have you ever seen Jessi in action?
As much as we enjoyed the time with friends, we were ready to get back home and relax; we are such home-bodies!

How did you spend your weekend?

PS. We had a nice and relaxing evening tonight (after my 4-mile run). Josh was in charge of the menu and he rocked it!

Is that a little grill I see? Yes it is...the first grilling of the 2011 Spring season! This grill will not get much rest over the next couple of months. I am loving this weather!

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