Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's a....


Last night's sleep was lousy, as all I could think about was getting to the doctor's office to find out what our sweet one was going to be. Sitting in the waiting room, Josh and I couldn't talk about anything else.  We have been wondering for so long, it was surreal knowing we were about to finally find out.

Besides finding out very clearly that this was a girl, seeing all her sweet body parts and movements was amazing. I found myself saying, "Oh! Look at that sweet elbow!" or "Her kidneys are so cute!" Only a mom can love her kid's abdomen and extremities, right? 

The doctor confirmed that everything looks healthy. Little Miss is measuring on the smaller side for 19-weeks but they aren't going to adjust my due date. The doc is happy with my weight gain and my seemingly easy pregnancy (knock on wood!). 

So, it looks like about half of you were correct- congrats! To the other half, Derek was sure hoping you were right; he was counting on a boy who he was determined was going to be named Derek Jr. 

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Josh and I are completely in love.

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