Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 20: Registered?

Ladies and gentleman, we have made it to the half way mark. It is completely mind boggling than in 5 months we will be holding our baby girl. I imagine those cold February days sitting by the fire, reading a book, while Sweet One sleeps away in my arms. That's a realistic view of life with a newborn, right?

Since Baby is due in February, deciding on dates for baby showers was a little awkward due to the holidays. So far we have decided to do two showers: one in November in our hometown and one in January, if weather cooperates. 

Now, I obviously registered for wedding showers when Josh and I were engaged but registering for babies is a whole other ballgame. Who knew babies "needed" so much stuff! How many choices of high chairs, nipples, and spoons does a person who can't even talk need? 

Registering at Target: The smile on my face is deceptive; I'm actually thinking, "What the heck is a receiving blanket?!"

So, I am begging you for advice. What did your baby need? What brands do you swear by or avoid? Does it really matter what type of bottle warmer I ask for? And more importantly, if your baby doesn't use it any more can I borrow it? 

20 weeks
 Man, I look tired.

Baby's size: An American dollar, and is the weight of 50 quarters. My little money baby.

Total weight gained: 5 pounds! Since I've been in the 2nd trimester I've averaged about 1 pound a week, which I think is right on target. Sad to say, I don't think it has all been healthy weight gain as I've indulged in practically every want and desire.

Symptoms: My appetite has easily doubled and my sleep is consistently interrupted. I'm getting up at least twice at night to pee and drink a gallon of water.

What I've been eating: Chocolate: check. Cheese: check. Extra helping of bread: check. I definitely need to say no to more cravings and yes to more salads, but it is oh-so hard!

Workouts: Not so hot in this area either. I've only been to the gym a handful of times in the past few weeks, but I am determined to do better. Something that came so easily before now seems so hard to make a priority. My goal is three days of activity this week and that should be very obtainable!

Wearing: I am still buttoning the majority of my pants but there are a few pairs I need a rubber band to make them more comfortable. My shirts are fine as well but I hate the way I look in most of them. I feel thick, not pregnant. And it doesn't help that someone pointed out my "growing love handles"...that's how you make a pregnant girl feel good.

Best moment: Seeing our sweet girl for the first time and hearing from the doctor that everything looks perfect.

Most excited about: Feeling her move around. I have felt a few things and have just assumed it was gas (I mean, come on... I pregnant!), but now I'm thinking it may actually be movement. They say before bedtime is the best time to feel flutters, but once I lay down I'm asleep in 5 minutes leaving little time to concentrate on the movements in my belly.


  1. I forgot to post on your last post about the big GIRL news!!! Hooray!!
    Anyways...things you need:

    *sleepers with me on this. When you're changing those 3am diapers with a screaming baby the last thing you want to do is match ALL THE SNAPS!!! Save yourself some headaches and cursing.

    *A big comfy rocking chair

    *lanolin & nursing pads (if you plan to breastfeed)

    *sleep sacks/swaddles with VELCRO! Those flimsy white Adan & Anais swaddles are cute (for pics!) but when you really need something tight and warm go with the fleece sleep sacks. Babies sleep better in little straight jackets ;)

    this could get long so email me if you want more tips! I'm happy to help and give lots of unsolicited advice :)

  2. Alex, congratulations on your baby GIRL!

    I couldn't help but be drawn in by your request for every mom, I've got them and would love to share. :)

    I agree with the commenter above that lanolin is a must if you plan to breastfeed. Start applying it once a day in the month or two before delivery to prepare - made a world of difference for me with my second. I should've bought stock in nursing pad companies, too. Nursing tanks are also very useful. I think the target ones are as good as any I've found.

    Love our BOB stroller. We have the single and the double and have used both a lot. They look virtually new. Go with the Revolution version (swivel front wheel - you trade out the hand brake), and you can use it for everything. If you get the carseat attachment, you can run with baby from a young age (or at least I felt safe doing so). We did end up getting a lightweight umbrella stroller for mall trips and similar for when baby gets bigger.

    LOVE our Miracle Blanket swaddle (aka baby straight jacket) much so that I've been known to not wash it following small accidents in non-baby-touching places because I didn't want to risk a nap/night without it...maybe you should get two. ;)

    I love my ERGO carrier. You can use it from almost birth if you get the infant insert. I wouldn't get a cheap carrier (even the Bjorn made my back hurt after a few minutes). I did enjoy the Moby Wrap for the first few months, but I didn't use it again after I got the ERGO (the Moby takes longer to put on).

    I have several waterproof changing table pads. When baby is small and non-mobile, I lay one underneath baby in the crib to catch spit-ups and blowouts to avoid having to change the crib sheet.

    I really liked Pampers Swaddlers, too (saw that someone else said they did - I second them), but I much prefer Huggies wipes. I use Target diapers once older (cheaper and just as effective...).

    Cheap cloth diapers (the prefold kind) make the best burp cloths by far. The cute little ones marketed as burp cloths are just pretenders that spit-up easily soaks through.

    Okay, I'm going to quit now! You will find your own favorites as you walk your own adventure...but maybe this will help a little. :) And, for what it's worth, I had lots of time to read/nap/watch movies with my little man on my chest (the first time around...not so much with the second). Some of my best memories - I hope you enjoy the same!!

    Mary C