Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Lately I have felt less than inspired to blog. I can enjoy random musing on blogs from friends and strangers all day, but after a long day of work and a trip to the gym, I have no effort to put together concise and grammatically correct sentences.

Ask my husband. At night, I often speak in fragments and grunts.

Uff. TV loud. Prewf.

So, to keep things simple, I thought I'd jump on another band-wagon (or is a a ban-wagon?...and where are on earth did this term come from) and state some things I'm thankful for.

Because lets be honest, we all have a lot.

1. My large thighs

I used to hate my monster legs, but now I love them. Well, I might not love them, but I sure am thankful for them. Each week I am impressed with my legs' ability to push through my long and tough runs. My big legs rock!

2. Cameras

Even though my puppy is still a puppy, she isn't as much of a puppy as she used to be. And due to the wonderful technology of digital cameras, I can reminisce of the days when she couldn't jump on the couch and barely barked.

3. Veggies
We received our 4th CSA basket this weekend and it was packed full of squash, herbs, beets, bratwurst, tomatoes, and okra. Fresh, organic veggies = Happy Alex.

4. English Breakfast Tea
Because hot tea every morning is reason enough to get out of bed. Yes, even in the dead of summer.

What small (or big) thing are you thankful for?

1 comment:

  1. zzzz. Feeling uninspired to blog, also. Diagnosis: a wonky case of writer's block.

    Mmm I'm thankful for breakfast tea, too. And office supplies, new shoes, leather car smells, and getting to hold the remote.