Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Best In Me

They say that true friends bring out the best in you. 
Despite the fact that I do not know who 'They' are, I find this statement completely true. 
Best friends listen when no one else will 
and tell you things you don't want to tell yourself.  

They don't mind that your sleep schedule is that of a 90 year old woman
or that you can't attend their b-day bash because you live 2 hours away.

And even if you hadn't seen each other in months,
when you get together it is though time never passed.
After 10 years we now have our careers, husbands, and babies
but our relationships with each other are irreplaceable. 

I miss my dear friends
because they just plain rock.


  1. I could swear I took that picture of y'all (from high school) because I have the same one in one of my photo albums!! How crazy is that?!

  2. Cute post. I miss my best friends like crazy and I can' wait to visit home in 2 weeks because we'll all be in town!