Friday, August 5, 2011


If I hadn't bought a new puppy...
If my husband hadn't stayed up late with said puppy...
If this puppy didn't have a desire to chew everything...
If this puppy hadn't chosen to chew my computer charger...
If said charger didn't cost 80 bones at Best Buy
If it didn't take 5-7 days for Amazon to ship chargers....

...I might be able to download pictures
...I might be able to upload pictures to my blog
...I might be able to share with you my new recipe.

But no "if's" in this story.
My new puppy did chew my computer charger and I am waiting patiently for Amazon to send me a new one.

In the mean time I am typing on my husband's ancient laptop.
It is a *gulp* PC.
I'm a Mac girl. Through and through.
Yet here I sit, on a PC
counting down the days until UPS brings me a present.

And my assumption is your counting down the days too.
Because this said recipe is quite delicious.
I might or might not have given myself a tummy ache last night from eating way too much.

But I can't share the recipe yet, because recipes without pictures are boring.
I hate recipes without pictures.
What's the point! 
I need to see what the end result is going to look like.
Is a picture too much to ask?

So once I have my charger
and once I can upload my pictures,
I will post this amazing recipe.
Because it is awesome!


  1. I have a confession to make. The new puppy didn't eat the charger, I did.

    Your husband

  2. Awwww bummer to the puppy-eating-charger bit but lol to the husband comment.