Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding Flashback

This weekend I was able to watch two high school friends make a beautiful commitment to one another. Sarah and Aron are an amazing pair and their love for each other is radiant. 
Their wedding was elegant, tear-jerking, and a little reminecent of a wedding I attended about a year ago...
It was my first time to return to Albert Pike since our wedding last year and it brought back a flood of memories. It reminded me of the words Josh and I exchanged and the promises we made in front of God, family and friends; it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Weddings tend to do that to me. Don't they do that to you too?

But soon after the tears, the party started. If Sarah and Aron know anything (besides cooking and tattoos)  they sure know how to have a good time! Since we all graduated together, it was like a mini-high school reunion full of all my favorite people.
Best friends for 9+ years! How did I get so lucky?
 Me and the Mister
 Me and Shelley, the MOH and my favorite vegan blogger!
 Me and Jessi, my night's dancing partner. She got some moves!
Congrats Sara and Aron! 
I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! 

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