Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yay for friday! And not just any friday, but a friday leading into the Fourth of July weekend!! While most people are getting a three-day weekend, I work at a hospital and, call it crazy, but people still get sick on holidays. Sounds like blasphemy, right?! 

Despite only getting a regular two-day weekend, I plan to soak up as much of the festivities as possible. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays; call me a patriotic sap, but I get emotional every time I sing the National Anthem. I am truly honored to live in this amazing country. Sure we have our fair share of problems, but there is no place I'd rather be (however, vacationing in other countries is a complete different story).

And here in Arkansas, it looks like the weather got the memo that it was summer. Look at our weekend forecast! Ugh! Good thing I'll be poolside all weekend long, with my skin coated in SPF 80.
I've been swimming in this 100+ degree humidity for so long and it seems like there is no end in sight. I know it is only July, but I find myself wishing for December all ready. I suppose I'll never learn that the grass is never greener on the other side, especially in Arkansas! I decided to cool myself down by bathing in an ice cold bath and reminiscing the cold days of early winter. I invite you to join along...
(pic via Jessi)

Ahhh. Now wasn't that nice? Can't you almost feel that nice breeze?

Are you getting a three-day weekend? What are your holiday plans? Is it this hot in your part of the country?!

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  1. That actually made me feel colder! Ajax looks so sweet, all snowy nosed.