Saturday, July 23, 2011

Group Run and A Sign

This morning my alarm clock went off at 5am. My first thought was "No way is it time to get up; it's still dark outside!" But alas, I double checked my watch and the kitchen clock and they were both reading the same thing "it's time for your run!" (Yes, my clocks are pretty high tech and display time-appropriate phrases...)

I'll be honest, if I was running alone I would have turned off my alarm clock and would have continued to snuggle with my hubby. But I had running buddies to meet! Say hello to the wonderful men and women of W.A.R- Western Arkansas Runners, Fort Smith's local running club.
We all ran at different distances and paces, but it is always so encouraging to have friends to cheer you on.

My run was nice and easy, but more importantly I got to sport my new purple visor-I sure have my priorities straight this morning. Josh told me that no one has worn visors since the 90s. But I just told him to talk to the hand, then he proceeded to 'free-willy' (BAM! Junior High reference!).
And on a random note, I found this short film and it brought tears to my eyes. It is all about perspective! 


  1. I like your visor! :) With the brutal sun this summer it's so important to cover your face as much as possible! :) I hope that at some point I'll get the courage to run with a group. I'm a little shy right now!

  2. I doubt I would get up at 5:20 during the week for bootcamp if I didn't have buddies working out with me. Workout buddies are key! I have never thought of having a running partner but I bet that does help make time go by faster. 5:00a.m. sure is early for the weekend though...Shelley