Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Snapshots {Week 1}

Did you notice my new picture above? I figured since my wedding was over a year ago, it was time to change it up a bit.

I've never joined a linky party before, but have always wanted to be apart of the fun! It's like a secret club that anyone can join... and everyone can be the cool kid. You can't beat it! So when I came across "Summer Snapshots" from Starfish Jewelry, I was super pumped to link up!

I am to take a picture everyday of the week to document this hot and humid season! Hopefully, it will keep me motivated to take photos all summer long; my husband is practically jumping with joy.

I was a few days late this time around, so hopefully next week I can follow the rules more strictly. My type-A personality loves to follow the of the many attributes I got from my mother, along with my hair color, freckles, and big 'ole bee-hind.
Friday-We picked up our 3rd CSA basket to enjoy organic, local produce all week long. Yum! (Still not quite sure how to prepare my cabbage...I tried to eat it raw in a salad-Yuck!!)
Saturday- I competed in my first triathlon. It rocked. I'm hooked.
Sunday- A mountain of laundry to do. How do only two adults wear this many clothes?!
Monday- I had an awesome swim/run workout with friends. Speed workouts are much more efficient with running buddies! And I love that I'm incorporating more cross-training in my workouts now.
Tuesday- Josh let me help with grilling just long enough to take a picture of me grilling. He immediately put down the camera and took away my spatula.
Wednesday-Pizza day! Domino's pizza has made a weekly appearance at our house lately; the 7.99 deal is literally too hard to resist, especially to my pizza-loving husband.

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  1. First of all, I LOVE that adorable pic of you and your husband - so sweet!! And, I am a type A rule follwer too :) Congrats on your first triathalon, that is HUGE! Love all the photos! Thanks so much for linking up. See you next week! xoxo Amber

  2. Somehow just stumbled upon your cutesy blog. I clicked on your "About Me" page, and Lordy-loo, we are so similar. SLPs, active in working out, Southern and (fairly) newlywed. Congrats on your tri- it's a HUGE goal of mine!