Monday, June 20, 2011

CSA: Basket #3

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Basket #3 has been by-far my favorite basket! When Rose sent out the email last Monday listing the basket's contents, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. Plus, we still had 5 more baskets to use so it was like free food (well, if free means you paid for it months ago...but it now seems like free produce because it doesn't come out of our monthly budget).
The basket contained:
Salad Greens
Nabechan green onions
1 quart blue crop blueberries
Lavender flowers
Grass fed and finished ground pork
Primax green cabbage

Blueberries? Lavender flowers? Ground pork? Sign this girl up!

I've been eating blueberries and sniffing lavender flowers at every chance I get! Josh has been giving me some pretty weird looks, but I don't care. Best part? Josh doesn't even like blueberries so I get the whole quart to myself. Pure bliss.

Not quite sure what I'm going to do with the cabbage yet; I've never actually cooked cabbage so I'm in new territory here. Also, I have no clue what to do with these lavender flowers...Can you cook with them? Maybe some kind of tea? I have no clue; I'm too busy smelling them. I think I have a problem.

Hello. My name is Alex Clark. And I have an addiction to lavender flowers....and blueberries.

Obviously, I need to stop cramming my face full of blueberries and research some recipes. 

How should I prepare my cabbage? What am I to do with these lavender flowers?


  1. Cabbage is really good finely shredded and used raw in salads. I have used it in my thai veggie wraps (it pairs very well with Asian flavors). I have also used it with OhSheGlows Carrot Soup I simply served the soup with shredded cabbage and toasted sesame seeds...very good! - Shelley

  2. I like cabbage in slaws and salads!