Friday, September 2, 2011

September Goals

After reviewing my goals for August, I'm eager to get my September goals rolling!! Although I didn't meet all the goals I set for myself last month, I'm pretty certain I did more than I would have if I hadn't set any (*cough* research articles *cough cough*).

My September goals are:

1. Personal: Intentionally Improve My Marriage- Sarah from Peas and Thank You posted earlier this week an email-exchange her and her husband use to do to keep connected during the day. So I did what every good blogger does and stole the idea (and giver her credit of course!) Each day I will text three things to Josh: 1. Today I feel...; 2. I love you because...; and 3. [insert any question].

The first day went like this:
From Alex: "1. Today I feel excited about our new adventures; 2. I love you because you calm me when I'm stressed out; and 3. How are the puppies doing today?"
Josh responded: "1. Today I feel relieved from a poop I just took; 2. I love you because you are my sugar momma; and 3. What time are you getting off work?"


So sentimental.

Thanks Hun.

2. Random: Walk the Dogs Daily- Ajax loves to go on walks and walks on a leash perfectly; we want Sully to walk just as well. Seeing how Sully will be a much bigger dog, we want to train her now, instead of waiting a trying to yank around a 50 pound dog. Plus, they could both use the exercise.

2. Fitness: Complete All Speed and Long Distance Runs- I did so well with this goal last month that I decided it needed to stay. A small gift for myself, if accomplished, may or may not be involved.

Ps. My long runs have ROCKED! I look forward to them every week. I actually enjoy waking up at the butt-crack of dawn each Saturday. Who am I?! Tomorrow I have 8 miles on the schedule and I am pumped!

3. Professional: Transition To My New Job With Limited Hysteria- That's right friends. I have put in my 2-week notice with my current job and my first day at the new one will be Sept 19th.

I am torn with emotion over this huge change: First, Josh won't be driving an hour to school for all his classes and I've always loved the Fayetteville area, but I have the perfect job with the best coworkers and we have no place to live in Fayetteville yet. I'm scared, excited, nervous, and stressed all at the same time!

So much change happening so fast!

So, while I don't have a lot of listed goals this month, I know I will be crazy busy and will be happy if I merely survive it all. Moving and changing jobs is going to be huge and stressful, so if I become MIA for a while, I'll probably be in a corner hoping the boxes will pack themselves.

Please pray for my husband during this time. I'm afraid my text messages my turn out like this...
1. Today I feel like I could strangle a baby kitten; 2. I love you because despite the fact that you are a horrible packer; 3. I'm so nervous starting my new job I could vomit...will you hold back my hair?

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