Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Mania

Wow. 3-day weekends rock! Am I right, or am I right? Seeing how Josh and I are moving in just a few short weeks, we took full advantage of our extra time.

On Saturday, I woke up to meet the butt-crack of dawn and some friends for my weekly long run. The schedule said 8 miles and I was ready to rock it's face off. This is how I felt before the run.

Sadly though, after bragging how well my long runs have been going, it sucked. (Karma's a B!) Miles 1-3 felt great, but 4-8 were horrible. By the last mile I was constantly negotiating with myself to go just a little bit farther.

" Run 10 more minutes and you can get some ice cream"

"Run 5 more minutes and then you can walk for 30 seconds"

"Run 1 more minute and you will never have to run again in your life"

"Run 30 more seconds and you can buy a new car...screw Josh and your savings!"

This is how I felt after my run. Now where is my new car?
Of course, I have to blame my bad run on something other than my abilities, so I contribute it to: 1. Speed work of 4 miles the day before, and 2. Not enough calories before and during the run. Now that I'm upping my mileage and running more than 1hour at a time, I really need to start some calorie intake during my runs.

On Sunday Josh and I got serious about our packing situation. We completely packed up our guestroom and closet, broke down the bed, and took all living-room decorations down. It's nice to know we already have so much accomplished. Good thing I consider myself a 'professional mover' seeing as how I have moved in and out of dorm rooms, apartments, and houses 5 times in the past 4 years. Yikes!

So now we have boxes filling up our guestroom; the only scary thing is we have no place to move to. Apparently, people do not want to rent to a married couple with a good steady income. Boo. I have a feeling it has something to do with our picky 'must-have' list and these two crazy mutts.

Adorable, Yes.
Ideal for rentals? No.

Speaking of my two perfect furr balls; we took them to the dog park for the first time on Monday. This was Sully's first trip and she loved it!
The dog is the complete opposite of her big sister.
Water-Loves it! Fetching-A natural!
Despite the stress of moving, this holiday weekend couldn't have gone better!


  1. Dang girl, look at those guns! Good for you!!

  2. Sully has gotten soooo big in just a few weeks of not seeing her. WOW!

    You neglected to give credit to me and Warren for all of those moves!


  3. She gets the fetching from her mama!!! Looks like a super fun time!