Monday, September 26, 2011

Fayetteville Update

Howdy from Northwest Arkansas! 
Where Razorback Love runs deep and cute little shops are around every corner!

It has officially been 11 days since we moved to our new home in Fayetteville. So far, we are loving Northwest Arkansas: the Farmer's Market is awesome, the running trail is perfect, and the proximity to friends and Walmart is amazing!

However, we have yet to fully adjust to our new home: it is still strange to wake up in a different house each morning, we keep forgetting which drawer holds the silverware, and decorating a bright orange room is proving to be a little difficult. (Actually, two orange rooms...believe me, horrible pictures will be up soon).

The Pups are loving the new house. They have an extra large play-area in the living room and their very own fenced-in backyard. Seriously, they couldn't imagine more. Their little puppy brains are in puppy heaven right now.

But surprisingly, I am already feeling more at home here as opposed to Fort Smith. This is largely due to our friend quota increasing by 500%. It is nice to have couple-friends to do things with...we actually have plans for a dinner date tomorrow night. Crazy! Having friends in the same town as you = more fun!

Also, we have already found a church! It took us over a year to find a good fit in Ft. Smith, so I am pumped that we already have an amazing place to plug in and get connected!

And even more exciting news, we are having our first guests this weekend! Our goal is to spruce up the house as much as possible, but did you know moving is kinda expensive?! After 100 trips to Walmart and a billion utility deposits our checking account is slightly lower than I would like. Decorating with a limitless budget would be so much easier. Stupid expenses.

So, as we continue to settle in, I plan to post pictures and keep you updated on our life in Razorback Country!

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  1. Yay! You are back! Glad to know you and your house are in one piece! And a church family already? You go girl!