Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 37: Full term baby!

Baby Girl is full term and can come out any time now.

I'm feeling surprisingly great this week. I attribute that to my consistent level of activity every day. In my previous update I mentioned I had joined a prenatal fitness group and many people asked for more details. The program is through Terra Tots, a local, natural parenting store in Northwest Arkansas. Seriously, this place is amazing and the instructors rock. To the pre-prego Alex these fitness classes may seem "mild", but now at 37 weeks they very much kick my booty.

I've been pretty busy this week. First off, the nursery is finally complete. I plan to finally share pictures later this week. It's simple and calming- just what I was going for. Even though she will be staying in our bedroom for the first several months, I didn't feel like we were ready for her to be here until the nursery was done. I can't wait to share it with you guys!

Also this week I began freezing meals to make it a tad easier when Baby gets here. So far I have vegetable beef stew (thanks to my mom's amazing friend), chili, and chicken taco soup. I should probably freeze a few casseroles and such so there is more of a variety- although I could probably eat soup for a month and not be sick of it!

I even had a prenatal massage on Thursday. She focused on my hips and lower back- spots that apparently spread and ache this late in pregnancy. I have another appointment on the 10th, but I wish I could afford to do it every week until she gets here. Good thing Josh is willing to rub me down.

And just for giggles, here is a comparison of me at 12 weeks. It seems so strange to see me without a belly; I almost forgot what non-pregnant Alex looks like!

Baby size: While the average size is 20inches and 6.5 pounds, my doctor doesn't think she is that big. They are thinking she is still less that 6 pounds.

Total weight gain: 20 pounds. I haven't gained a pound since the last doctor's appointment- apparently that can be normal. I'll take it.

Doctor updates: We are now going to the doctor every week. This past doctor's appointment (at 36wks4days) I was 50% effaced and slightly dilated. Also, my iron and Strep B tests came back normal. Yay! I had never heard about Strep B before I got pregnant and for some reason I was really nervous about the results. Apparently it is a bacteria that the mom can have which is dangerous to the baby during childbirth. The solution is just a simple IV antibiotic during labor but luckily I won't need it. Whew.

Symptoms: Strangely I haven't been hungry at night. It could be a combination of the "full" feeling from reflux or the fact that I'm just ready for bed, but a small bowl of cereal is all I really want. And guys, I pee like every 30 minutes- it is so annoying.

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