Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ozark Valley Triathlon Training Schedule

Well, since I announced my next adventure about three weeks ago and I'm already five weeks into my training schedule, I might want to re-address the topic. Ya know, cause I try to be a good blogger when I can. Fail. 

I am lucky to have a boss who is training for a full Ironman Triathlon. In case you don't know what that is, it's a 2.4 mile swim + 112 mile bike ride + 26.2 mile run. So practically, the baddest slash coolest thing you can do. And he volunteered (read: I annoyed him until he agreed) to create a 12 week training schedule for me.

He has given me my schedule a few weeks at a time so it won't feel so daunting. I easily become bored with training plans, so only knowing what I'm doing a few weeks out has helped this mentality.

The first few weeks were a little chaotic since I was trying to find the balance of living a life + training for three different sports. By week 5, I now hopefully have the hang of it:

Monday: Long Run
Tuesday: Rest or Yoga/Pilates
Wednesday: AM Speed Run + PM Swim
Thursday: Long Bike
Friday: Speed Swim
Saturday: Brick workout 
Sunday: Rest or Yoga  

This sprint triathlon is a 1000 meter swim, 19 mile bike, and 4 mile run. I know if I had to, I could go out tomorrow and complete the distance, but I actually want to do well during this race. I want to push myself and be proud of my finish time. I want to compete. With only 8 week left until race day, I sure have my work cut out for me.

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