Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Next Adventure

Initially after my last half marathon, I was determined to jump right on the running train again and tackle another half marathon before May. After a couple of weeks went by, my overly ambitious self settled down and I was able to think more clearly.

Do I really want to train for another half marathon? Not really. As fun as the New Orleans half marathon was, training for the full sort of burned me out on running. Looking back, I had been training for some running race since last June! Yikes!

It was time to switch things up a bit.

Introducing my new adventure:

As of today, I am signed up for the Ozark Valley Triathlon on June 24th! Thats right! In just a mere 10 weeks, this wannabe athlete will wake up ridiculously early on a Sunday morning and swim 1000 yards, bike 19 miles, and run 4 miles. 

I can't wait! 

I think this is exactly what I need! Since I will be training for three different sports, ideally I won't become so easily burnt-out and injured like I am when I training for marathons. I'm actually already two weeks into training, but the specifics of my training is another post for another day.

Until then, please enjoy some triathlon-related humor:


  1. Fun! Nice change of pace from just running all of the time.

  2. Whooooa! Nice, friend! Such ambition! I wish I could do this. But just thinking about the bicycle part makes my lady parts hurt. Overshare, yes, yes I think so.