Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A List

My mind is random today, but I still have a few things to share. Please bare with me.

1. I are currently obsessed with several television shows: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Girls. Sadly, these all come on Sunday evening which means either 1)I stay up really late (aka: 11pm) to watch all of them, then super be tired Monday morning, or 2)Save a show for later in the week and avoid all form of social media. Clearly my life is full of problems.

2. I worked on Memorial Day, although it wasn't too bad because it was a paid holiday and I was out by lunchtime. I immediate came straight home, took a 2 hour nap, then went on a 30 mile bike ride, which was promptly followed by a double dip ice cream from Braums. Pretty darn good Memorial Day if you ask me.

3. I'm getting faster. On Sunday I had a brick workout of a 15 mile bike ride followed by a 2.5 mile run. You would think that my pace would suffer after riding hard for over an hour, but I averaged a 8:46 pace! This time last year, I was thrilled to keep a 10minute pace for a couple of miles and now I'm easily holding a sub 9:00. Who am I?

4. I signed up for a 5K this Saturday and I'm kind of nervous. I have a goal time in mind, but I am mainly using it to get into "racing mentality." I have never truly pushed myself during a race before- I always hold a comfortable sustainable speed. Saturday I want to push myself so hard I could be throwing up at the finish line. Doesn't that sound horribly wonderful!?
5. Triathlon training has taken over my life. If I'm not running, cycling, swimming, or yoga-ing, I'm resting or eating. Oh, and I have to manage to throw in work, sustaining an amicable relationship with my spouse, and planning a baby shower. June 24th couldn't get here soon enough.

6. Despite being completely drained, I've never felt stronger or happier. This tri-training, crazy hectic life kind of suits me.  Who am I?

7. My dog has bad breath. As a result, Josh and I have been alternating brushing her teeth with this little doggie toothbrush. She loves it; I do not. 

So, what randomness is happening in your life right now? Anything as boring interesting as mine?

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