Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Taking 2012 By Storm

One of my favorite times of year- Making my new years resolutions!!

I absolutely love January. You are able to reflect on the past year's accomplishments, failures, and everything in between. And then get to have a 'clean slate' and set a new bar. Your dreams can be limitless!

Eek! Just makes me giddy with excitement!

Cue drumroll....

My epic 2012 New Years Resolutions

1. Run a marathon.
Unless something goes horribly wrong, this should be completed in March when I run the New Orleans Rock N Roll Marathon. So incredibly pumped about this!
2. Run a half or full marathon in at least 4 new states.
I have ran races in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma. I only have signed up for one race in 2012 (in Louisiana) and am still researching on what/where my other 3 (at least) races should be. Any suggestions?
3. Complete an outdoor triathlon.
After completing (and loving) my first indoor triathlon last year, I am determined to dabble into the sport in 2012. Triathlons kind of intimidate me, but I think I can do it!
4. Learn how to maintain my bike.
To me, this is the scariest part of a triathlon-and I am clueless about mine. Despite the fact that I have had it for 3 years, I've only taken it out a handful of times. I have no idea how to change a flat tire, and no real concept about the gears. If I want to complete Goal #3, I need to learn more about my bike!
5. Hold a 5 minute plank.
Planks = flat abs. And 5 seems like an even (and ridiculously hard) number. Fun, right?!
5. Save 20% of our income.
Josh and I did this last year and I now love the cushion in our savings account! We still don't have quite enough to buy a car (we don't want a car loan) and we are wanting to travel some, so this goal is a repeat! Three cheers for savings!
6. No sweets until our vacation in March.
My sweets intake over the past few moths have gotten out of control. My body is trained into thinking it needs sweets after every meal. This is my attempt to shock my system and get rid of my over-the-top cravings. There is no way I could do this for an entire year, but March is definitely doable.
7. Start a skin care regimen.  
While I always wash my face each night, I want to start really taking care of my skin. I mean, I do turn 26 this year and you know what that means...one year closer to 30! I better take care of my face because I'm kind of stuck with it.

Looks like this year is going to be a wonderful year. May all your dreams and resolutions come true in 2012!


  1. To help with your skin care regimen, may I suggest the Clarisonic Mia. It's a little expensive, but after I tried my mom's, I happily spent my Christmas money on it. It's like an electric toothbrush for your face. It scrubs your face so well, leaves it super smooth, and allows whatever products you're using on your face to soak into your skin better. Pregnancy left me broken out like I was when I was 15, and this has helped tons! Good luck on all of your resolutions!!

  2. I recommend one of your races be in Georgia... i know i know it's a bit of a trek but I mean there's tons of fun things to do here and your college days twin is here! What could be better!?

    -Rachel Callihan