Saturday, January 21, 2012

Change of Plans

So I had planned to log 16 miles today, but I had a restless night (dreamed that Josh died and I had to call our family and friends to share the news! Woke up crying, tried to go back to sleep, and dreamt the same dream. Horrible!) and the windchill is below 20 degrees so I decided I'd postpone the run until tomorrow.

This is not ideal because I have church in the morning, then I'm trying a hot (the room will be 85 degrees!) vinyasa yoga class tomorrow at 4:00. It might result in me being in child's pose for the entire 90 minutes, but we'll see!

So, to embrace the change in plans, I'd thought I'd share some things on my DIY-ToDo List, which Pinterest has so kindly organized. Thanks again Pinterest. Have I told you today how much I love you?

Recovering a chair tutorial. I have an antique vanity chair that is currently a rotten yellow color and definitely needs some updating.

Love this idea! Maps of where you met, married, and live.

And more with some cute, romantical decor. I'd love to hang this by our garage door!

I'm loving my theme of seasonal wreaths, and this one is perfect for spring!

I need more cross stitching in my life. So relaxing.

What are some things on your DIY-ToDoList?

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