Saturday, February 5, 2011


1. The 100 Push Up Challenge isn't going to well. It's not that I'm not able to do it, I just haven't been as dedicated as I should; I've been putting off days left and right. Yesterday I should have finished Day 3/Week 2, but I've only completed up till Day 1/Week 2. At this rate, this 6-week challenge will take over 2 months! On the brighter side, I have recruited Josh to take on the challenge and who is rocking it out! He got to skip to week 3 because he can already do too many.

2. It is beautiful, white and calm outside. I am loving the snow much more than the ice we got earlier this week, however it is impeding on my plans to go running today. There's no way I'm chancing an injury; I'm still recovering from one! I wish I could be in a log cabin somewhere, but instead this will have to do.
3. Josh has been driving me to work everyday because of the weather and it has been quite wonderful. It gives me some sort of gratification that we could be a one-car family if need be. It also doesn't hurt that neither of us have any friends up here, thus we only drive to work, school, the gym, and grocery store. We lead exciting lives; don't be envious.

4. As stated earlier, I am attempting to get my overeating under control. I have recently signed up for My Fitness Pal, which is a free online food journal and calorie counter. I have used it before and had great results! Hopefully this will help me tone up for our upcoming cruise in March!

5. Yesterday it was one of my bestest friend's birthday! I hate that I couldn't be there to celebrate the day with her. We are loving Fort Smith, but it is so hard to be away from friends and family. Mrs. Jess is one of the coolest cats I know. And she can play a mean game of Blackout....which is a very important skill to have. This game will take the world by storm, just you wait (please note my tone dripping with sarcasm about the coolness of this game, not Jess). She also has a pretty flipping awesome husband.
Jess and Caleb came up a few weekends ago to break us from our boring lives and hang out. The night consisted of awesome pizza, epic games, and lots of laughs. We're planning another weekend-hangout soon and it promises to be just as amazing.
 Happy Birthday to one of the most intelligent, beautiful girls I know. I hope this year is filled with lots of love, laughs, and sweet dance moves.


  1. I picked you for a stylish blogger award! Check my blog for the details!

  2. I was bored and saw your blog. Interesting and kind of an online diary. I so feel you on the being away from friends and family thing. All my friends and family live in central AR too, however I do have 1-2 friends in Fort Smith most of them are in Central AR. That being said, I totally know how you feel! :) See you Monday at work!