Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the horrible point-and-shoot camera quality. A new, beautiful camera is on my current wish list.)

If you haven't already heard, I love fall! And this past week, I immersed myself in the season.

First up on the list, apple and pumpkin pie! Yum!
Next, pumpkin decorating.

We have always carved our pumpkins, but making such a huge, icky mess did not seem fun to me. So instead, we painted!

And of course, some Hog Football! Lucky us, my dad gave us some great tickets at the last minute. Un-showered and gross from working in the yard, we hopped in the car and drove up to Fayetteville.

The leaves are starting to change...

This is a horrid picture but I had to document the awesome-ness of the seats. It was nice to sit inside with some amazing food, but it's just not the same atmosphere. Cold Weather+UofA Band+Crowd chants= football experience!

So, we didn't stay up here the whole game. We went down and sat with the fam for the second half. Dad has pretty sweet seats too.

Look at Derek's cute little legs.

Call Them Hogs!! WOOOO PIG SOOIE!

Great week/weekend of fall and family! Hope you have a marvelous Halloween!

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  1. We were up in the box, too! I hate I didn't get to see you. My stupid phone can't handle sending or receiving texts around the stadium for some reason. Can you mail me that apple pie? It looks yummy!