Friday, October 8, 2010

He Never Makes Mistakes

Please watch clip below:

I have never said this about Sue Sylvester before (she is a hilariously cynical cheerleading coach on Glee...if you haven't watched this show before, you are missing out!) but I can relate to her in this clip. Although I never questioned God's love for me and my family, I saw the world treat my older brother differently. I saw people look at him strangely and degrade him, all because he was born with Down Syndrome.
When I was younger, I always saw my brother as annoying and pestering, but never as different. He was just like every other older brother, or so I thought. It was in elementary school when I saw a change in how people reacted to Derek. A school friend didn't come to my house because my brother looked weird, and I once over heard a girl in class making fun of my brother while I waited in the car-pool line. I remember holding back my tears until I climbed into my mom's mini van, then bawling- not understanding why people were so mean.
I embrace the fact that my brother isn't like other brothers- he's better. Let me elaborate...
I can do no wrong in my brother's eyes.
He is ELATED when he gets a call from you... every single time.
He calls just to see what Ajax is doing.
He calls just because he hasn't talked to me that day. 'Hey Sis, jus callin cuz I hadn't talk to you in longtime. Call me back. Luv ya. Bye' Seriously, his message is exactly the same every single time.
If I want the front seat, last piece of cake, or the remote control, he will give it to me (unless it's wrestling night, then I know better not to even ask).
He consistently reminds me that I'm the best sister. And almost every time I see him, he tells me how beautiful and skinny I about self confidence boost (it's okay he's a little bias).
He is my Number 1 Fan! And, let me tell you, he isn't a fair weather fan- he's all or nothing! He gives you 100% and never doubts your ability to do anything. Quite inspiring. I have more confidence in things because Derek already knows I can do them.
He is in awe of my husband- Josh can do no wrong either. They have a common love of video games and wrestling and can talk for hours on those two subjects alone.
He is simple. He is happy. He laughs at everything.
I can go on and on about how my brother is better than any brother in the world...but I don't want you to get too jealous.

Yes, sometimes I get sad that I will never be an aunt. Or that I will never get to welcome a sister-in-law into our family. But it stops there. The love Derek has in his heart makes me never wish things to be different.

And like Sue's sister said:

God Never Makes Mistakes.


  1. I have always thought people with Down's are the most special people in the whole world. You are definitely blessed to have such an awesome brother!


  2. Alex this is really cool, I love glee and I rember that Clip last tuesday From the show. the way you talked about it made me feel the same way even thought sometimes I like to brag about derek because some people dont have cool cousin like him. I love derek and always will even though he is like my dad shadow and he is over at my house all the time I love him so much.

    your favorite cousin,

  3. Hey Sweetie Pie,
    You have a gift! This is a beautiful story that really touched me. Derek is turly a blessing to our family. He always has a hug and tells me I am the greatest uncle. I get a phone call every morning - usually while he is still in bed - and asks me what Debbie, Drake, Reid and Sadie are doing. He keeps me updated on every football, baseball and basketball game. He has always loved to watch Drake and Reid play any sport. He told me just the other day he wanted to watch Reid swim this year and I told him that swim meets are kinda boring and he would not enjoy it but he insisted - "I promised Reid that I would watch him so you gotta take me". It does not matter to him what you are doing, he just wants to be there for support. Derek Scott is a beautiful gift from God and yes, he is PERFECT!

    I love you too!
    your favorite uncle,

  4. Derek may not ever make you an aunt or a sister in-law, but think of all the amazing blessings you have already received from Derek.Your life is fuller and more blessed because you have a wonderful and unique Big Brother. God chose you to be his Lil' Sis :)

    Love ya!
    Cody's mom :)