Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Grown

This morning I woke up and made my first trip to the Fort Smith Farmers Market. Oh, how I love Famers Market! There is something exciting about local farmers getting together and selling their week’s work- something so simple and genuine. “Here is the product of my land.” They say. “See how fresh and organic?” You see their sun kissed hands and the dedication in their eyes….LOVE IT!

I was able to get this amazing assortment of fresh veggies and herbs for a small little penny: mint, basil, flowers, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, and potatoes. 

I can’t wait to use the fresh mint in some tea! A little lady had some lemon basil that smelled heavenly! I would have bought some if I had any clue what to do with it. I should have bought it anyways just to have the scent overtake my house…I can’t express to you how divine it was! Maybe next week…  

This week starts a new chapter in the Clark Abode (or so I am telling myself). As of today, I am throwing out the sweets and junk food. This means, yes, I am even throwing out the amazing chocolate sheet cake. (Recipe from The Pioneer Woman- the most amazing woman on the planet. I have become comfortable in the kitchen because of her and plan to dedicate at least one blog posting to this wonder-woman)

I hate to admit this, but Mr. Clarkbar and I have gained 5 pounds since being married. 5 pounds! What!?? We swore we weren't going to be 'those newlyweds' that let themselves go. We swore we were going to eat healthy and exercise everyday. HAHA. I now laugh at our innocents. These first few months I have loved cooking for my husband. I would make the most evil things just to hear him 'ooh' and 'aah'. And the gym? Why go to the gym when you can just snuggle together on the couch? And our waistlines have suffered because of it.

So, I am promising you that this week will be full of exercising and healthy eating.  And to keep me honest, I will keep track of my activities  and keep a log of what goes into my mouth, and report to you (if there is anyone reading this to report to) by the weeks end.

Not gonna lie, kinda nervous about my dedication...


  1. We went to the Farmers' Market this morning too....and then went out for waffles and omelets at a greasy diner. The Leonards are ALL about putting on those newlywed pounds.

  2. There is nothing wrong with being those newlyweds! We're reforming our pig-out ways, too — two and a half years too late. :)

  3. good for you!! I've noticed a few newlywed pounds starting to creep back on after I worked so hard to lose them before the big day!! Here's to getting back into healthy eating and exercising mode!!