Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Puppy!

Happy Birthday Ajax! My favorite puppy turned 3 years old today! 

Here is Josh and I (3 years into our dating relationship) with our new addition: Ajax Clark! 

10-weeks old- These are the only pictures we have of her as a pup...this was when I never used my camera. I shoot myself in the foot now. Friends, Family, Loved ones, even People that don't like me- TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!

Isn't she the most adorable white puff-ball you've ever seen!?
Now she is all grown up! And loves to give kisses to her mommy.
Joys in life include: fetch, chewing on bones, and sticking her head out the window. Here she is on the boat, a little wet from the ride. She just loves the wind blowing in her face!

Talents include: sitting, speaking, shaking, high-fiving, laying down, stay-ing, and my personal favorite-dancing. 

A little known fact: the Spitz was the first dog to ever walk a tight rope. They have the crazy ability to stay balanced on their hind legs for long periods of time. Hence her ability to dance and dance as long has her little heart desires. 

I attempted to load a video of her dancing, but I am technologically stupid and couldn't get it to work. So here is a horrible replacement: an action shot of her dancing with a Mii on the Wii. (Does that make sense?) This obviously doesn't do her justice, but is a snap-shot nonetheless: 

Here is a sneak-peak of my soon-to-be weekend project: Canning! I am thrilled at the possibilities of this little kit...yet moderately intimidated! I got the idea from Emily, a blogger I have become obsessed with. Stay tuned- hopefully it's a success story!


  1. Happy Birthday Ajax! did you find the kit somewhere? I looked at Walmart tonight and couldn't find it. I wasn't sure if they're available in stores yet. . .

  2. Now the world can see what a dancer our dog is....BTW, she is an AMERICAN ESKIMO not a simple Spitz. Great post babe.

    Love ya,

  3. Aww, I remember when Ajax was little and sleeping in the Petit Jean office. They grow up so fast.

    And regarding your last comment, Inception is this weekend. I'm excited!