Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rose Medals

Are you ready to read hear my exciting news?


Yes, thats right ladies and gentlemen. I, Alex Clark, have officially registered for my first triathlon! I've been eyeing this race for a while and finally worked up the nerve to register. This will be the perfect beginner-tri because:

1) It's a sprint triathlon consisting of 300m swim, 6mi bike ride, and 2mi run, 
2) It is completely indoors, at my home gym. 
3) It is a women's only race! 

And not only that, but instead of medals, they hand out roses! (get the pun: rose medals instead of rose pedals? I'm so clever.) It couldn't be more perfect!!

The race is 6 weeks away which will give me plenty of time to get ready. Here is my training schedule so far, which I adapted from Hal Higdon: 
Pink is planned workout, Green is completed workout, Gray Grey Gray? is missed workout.
I completed a run through on Saturday and, surprisingly, it wasn't a complete failure. I have no idea what a 'good time' is but I was somewhat happy with these results. The following times are close estimates, as I just had a stopwatch and nothing but my memory to record each time; the official end time was 55:37:

300m swim- 6:30 <----- Goal is under 6
Transition 1- 3:30 <-----will definitely be shorter on race day
6mi bike- 25:00 <----- Goals is 21:00
Transition 2- :10 <----my legs felt like tree trunks!
2mi run- 20:30 <----- Maybe under 18?
Total- 55:40   

Not too bad for my first attempt! Just imagine what 6 weeks of training will do! This will be quite an adventure -I'll keep you posted on my training! 

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  1. Congrats for signing up for your first time. I think it's so cool it's all indoors!