Sunday, August 3, 2014

Half a year: An eternity

This week it will be 6 months since we said hello, and goodbye, to Olivia. 
Half a year.
My, how we've changed.

One part of me says, it's a day just like any other.
A day that I still don't have her.
I can't miss her any more on that day compared to all the other days without her. 

But in the same breath, my life seems to revolve around these anniversaries.

Such a milestone. 
Such an eternity. 

I can't believe we've made it 6 months.
I can't believe I've made it 6 months.

Life just isn't.
Isn't full enough.
Isn't happy enough.
Isn't good enough.

The only thing that is, is God.
He is fullness, happiness, and goodness.
He is enough.

Or, this is what I scream at my heart.
But my heart is human.
And it hurts.

It hurts so deeply. 


  1. My heart hurts for you. I list my girl 10 years 5 months and 4 days ago...still don't know how I feel...loving you today

  2. I also hurt for you and Josh. This post is beautiful and so true. "Life just isn't." Yes, exactly. Love you sweet friend.

  3. I'm a new reader. Someone referred me to your blog. I lost my baby girl at 42 weeks on utero on wednesday. May I reach out to you? Email you? This grief I have may be better if I had someone who is walking a similar path

    Much love