Monday, April 7, 2014

My Writing Process: A blog tour

A couple of weeks ago, this funny and witty gal named Alex asked to tag me in a "blog tour" (No, I'm not talking about myself in third person. There is actually another cool and awesome female named Alex who has a blog. Such a strange, small world).

I had no idea what a "blog tour" was, so of course I said yes. Apparently I'm supposed to share my "writing process," so here we go:

1. What am I working on?
Besides my weekly grocery list and personal journal that I refuse to let anyone read, this little 'ole blog is the only time I write. In the past, my posts were random exerts about my life, mainly focusing on fitness endeavors, traveling, and daily happenings. Right now this is a place for me to work through my grieving, share my battle with thyroid cancer, and encourage people along the way. I would love for this to reach more and more people, but that takes effort and regular blog posts, both of which seem to be lacking these days. I'm just happy to take a shower and get out of my house.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My writing is different from others in the sense that I, as a person, am different. I am unique. My thoughts are my own. I don't know anyone who has a life like mine. Thank goodness.

3. Why do I write what I do?
Currently, writing helps me work through my grief. It helps me organize my thoughts and make sense of my emotions. While I am selective with what I write, I love that this blog allows me to share my joys and struggles with thousands of people. If anything, I hope my words will help and encourage someone going through their own journey too.
In general, I love to blog so I can have a journal to refer to months and years down the line. I have the worst memory ever and, because of this blog, I don't have to remember past race times or the specifics of our Europe Adventure.

4. How does your writing process work? 
Nothing too genius here. If something big is happening in my life, I write. If I'm inspired by something or someone, I write. However, I hate to post just words; for some reason a post seems empty without a picture. I prefer to write in complete silence and I hate when someone reads my work before it is finished (aka: my husband leaning over my shoulder. Ugh, I can't stand it!)

On that note, here is a completely random picture of me and Josh.
Year: 2008.

And to complete the tour, next week you should visit these completely awesome and amazing women. I would call these ladies actual writers, people who's job is to sound good on paper. They most definitely have a lot more to say than I do. Seriously, go check them out. 

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