Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 18: Making Room

My computer is currently out of commission, so I am unable to upload all the pictures I want to share. Thus, awkward formatting and iPhone snap shots must suffice this week. And I must say, writing a post on the Blogger app sucks!

Lordy mercy, can I feel a change since our last update at 16 weeks. The bump is most definitely there, resulting in slight discomfort in my jeans. I even did the rubber band trick to give myself a bit more room; surely this will give me a several more weeks of wear. But who knows- I am shocked at how quickly my body can change in just a few short weeks.

Not only is my body making room for our little squirt, but things are changing around the Clark Abode as well. Remember my big to-do of switching the guest rooms? Josh and I were able to check that off the list Saturday morning. 

(Insert before and actions shots, and better looking after shots.)

Next on the list: painting! 

Now for the fun facts...

Baby's size: A sweet potato

Total weight gained: 2lbs, which seems low compared to the recent belly growth. 

Eating: I'm not experiencing aversions or cravings. Unless you count the fact that I saw Sour Patch Kids at the grocery store and I can't get then out of my head! If it persists, I might let myself indulge in a few... or the whole bag. 

Best moment: Making progress with the nursery. I keep peeking my head in the room, looking at the change and imagining our sweet one in there. 

Most excited about: Our next appointment is slowly approaching and I can.not.wait. Is everything healthy? Am I as far along as the doctor thinks I am? Will we be accenting the nursery with blues or purples? Hopefully all these questions will be answered bight and early on Oct 1st. 

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