Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 16: To Dos

As of this past weekend we are officially four months deep into this thing, which means only five more months until we meet this little bundle of joy. I know I said this pregnancy is creeping by, but it is a little scary to think Baby C will be in our lives forever in just a few short months. And that huge to-do list definitely overwhelms me.

First up on the list of "to-dos" is to clear out the back guest room for the nursery. We then need to paint over that hideous orange color. Who would ever purposely choose that shade. Just terrible.
All that furniture is actually moving into the now game/junk room, which will get re-sorted or moved up to storage. (We've already moved the futon and bikes.)

I visited home this past week and my mother and grandmother took me around local baby stores "just to look" at nursery furniture and baby gadgets.  Can I just say that there are way too many options- and none that I seem to really like. Sigh. I know I'll find something, but sheesh, it can all be a bit much.

Baby's size: A grenade- a fun and comforting thought.

Weight gained: 1.5 pounds

What I'm wearing: I'm still wearing my clothes comfortably, but I notice that the slack in my waistline is slightly less.

Eating: Everything, good and bad. Like a responsible momma I'm trying eat everything in moderation, but I don't really deny myself anything. I've had no real cravings or aversions lately, and I hope it stays that way. Ice cream with a side of carrots, please.

Workouts: In the past week I've run twice, cross trained twice, and lifted weights once. Sweating a bit makes me feel so much better and I know it's good for baby too. It took me quite a while to feel confident running again, being too scared to elevate my heart rate or nervous about every little pain. Just the past two weeks I've been letting myself relax with my cardio and simply do what my body wants. And right now, an easy 3 miles with little walks seem to be the key.

Best moment: Josh and I heard the heart beat last Tuesday and it was just as magical as I remembered. The beat was a strong 162 and we were grinning ear-to-ear listening to it thump away.

Most excited about: Seeing our baby for the first time at the next appointment. We haven't had an ultrasound yet so we are very eager to see that little sucker- to make sure everything looks healthy and hopefully find out if it is a Miss or a Mister.

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