Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The stockings were hung. The tree was lit. The presents were opened. Lots of hugs and laughter was shared. And barely one picture was taken. I was too busy loving on my family and stuffing my face with amazing food.

Oh wait, I did take one picture.

That's my adorably cute brother gushing while he talks to me. Okay, so maybe he's just really excited about his new iPad, but whatever. Half of that smile is because of me...maybe.

I came into this week completely stressed out between traveling, work, and getting the house ready for family. But yet again, I was reminded how none of things I was freaking out about mattered. No one cares about perfectly wrapped gifts or that I didn't have time to take a shower (uh, right?). My family and friends just wanted to see me, hug me, and love on me. I am truly blessed.

My hope is that you also realize how loved and cherished you are.

Happy holiday-ing,

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