Monday, June 4, 2012

My New Lady

Since I'm taking triathlons and cycling a bit more seriously, it's about time I got a bike that can hold up. Introducing my new lady- The Black Pearl.

Yes I named my bike. What of it?

My sweet little hybrid bike has done me well over the past few months, but no matter how hard I huffed and puffed, I couldn't keep up with the big boys on their fancy road bikes. I have been searching for something used within my price range and knew I had to find a bike ASAP if I planned to ride it during the Ozark Valley Triathlon. Riding a road bike is way different compared to a hybrid or mountain bike and I need amble time to get accustomed.

On Saturday, following my brutal 5K, Josh found Pearl and I was immediately in love. We promptly took it on a 20 mile bike ride and I was flying! Even though it took me a while to get use to the new positioning, the ride was much more efficient! I easily knocked 13 minutes off that 20 mile route with minimal effort. 

Oh, how I love going fast(er). I'm definitely going to love this.

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