Monday, February 13, 2012


I've been dreading writing this post. Avoiding it like the plague. Pretending like it didn't exist. That I could just ignore it and no one would notice. Maybe no one will. That would be nice...

For the past 15 weeks I have logged over 240 miles training for the New Orleans Rock N Roll Marathon. I started off training in October super excited about the possibilities before me. Quoting myself (can you do that?), "Food will be for fuel. Sleep will be for recovery. And I will be counting the waking hours until I can pull on my Asics and hit the pavement."

I had some great runs:
10 solo miles where I pushed myself to go further than scheduled, and

proving to myself that I can run faster than I think.

I even proclaimed that 2012 was going to be the Year of the Marathon.

But oh, how the mighty have fallen.

It is time to confess that I am no longer running the full New Orleans marathon. I have given this countless hours of thought and consulted multiple people. While advice and opinions vary, my feeling towards running the full 26.2 miles has not.

Training for this marathon has been less than stellar. Early on, sickness and a minor injury set me back and I've been playing catch up since. I haven't been running the weekly mileage I should have been and my training has felt rushed.

Additionally, these past few weeks of running has been tortuous. I've been dreading all my runs and it was no longer fun for me. Although I am already logging 18 miles for long runs and only have 3 weeks to go until race day, forcing myself to do something that I dread will only result in injury or burn out.

Despite my long runs being accomplished (and productive)

they haven't been efficient or acceptable in my book. I realized I didn't want to "merely finish" my first marathon. I saw myself run/walking the last 6-7 miles solo and that seemed purely miserable.

I'm downgrading to the half and I am completely stoked about it. I'm not saying I will never run a full marathon, but now is not the right time. I miss loving to run and I feel completely relieved to have the pressure off of me.

Say hello to the new, carefree, running Alex. It is so very nice to meet you!


  1. I think that's awesome girl! ENJOY the half and I know you'll improve your time significantly! :)
    -April Whatley

  2. Bless bones, that is very brave! Be proud you are true to yourself and taking the time to find your mojo. It will come! And I know you will totally rock the half.

  3. I love everything about this post! Training for a race is so wonderful, but some days it can be such a burden... And forget being injured or sick... Way to go! Enjoy the half and the marathon can come later when training is simple and not difficult!

  4. Good for you! You are such an inspiration!! I love that you can take as step back and evaluate what is best for you! 13 miles is AWESOME!!! Heck...1 mile is awesome!! :) Thank you for sharing!! You Rock!