Monday, August 30, 2010

A Slow Go

Week 1 of half-marathon training has begun. My first official run with Jessi was on Sunday. I will be the first to admit we were not the most prepared for our little weekly run. In an attempt to learn from my mistake and amp up my motivation, I created a list of what I did wrong:

1. We had a few drinks the night before...Fun, but definitely NOT a good idea.

2. Along with the drinks, we stuffed our bellies at The Burger Barn with fried cheese, French fries, hamburgers, and strawberry shakes. Ooooo, but it was good!

3. Stayed up too late playing Quelf. If you haven't played this board game, you are missing out! Quote "Whether you're answering hilarious trivia, performing ridiculous stunts, or obeying silly rules, Quelf will inspire you to use your creativity, wit and sense of humor in ways you've never imagined" Seriously, you must play this game!

4. We started a tad later than I would have liked. The weather definitely wasn't as nice as it has been the previous week. 

5. Forgot a watch to track our time (Yep! No clue how long we ran)

6. Forgot my iPod mileage tracker (Yep! No clue how far we ran)

While we were very scatterbrained for this so-called 'planned' run (that's right, a scheduled run), we also did a few things right:

1. Had a good light breakfast that gave us energy and kept us going strong

2. (After the run) Had a perfect second breakfast of protein and fruit. Yum!!

3. Plenty of water intake during the run

4. Stretched to our little muscle's desires!

Result? A sluggish run/jog? which can easily be blamed on a number of things (if suffering from short-term memory deficits, please see list above).  I am determined to finish the week with a strong run that I will be proud of. 

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