Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen

Okay, so lets be a little more's more like 'Welcome Mom and Husband" (who am I kidding with the plural nouns?)

We can all thank Mrs. Jessi Leonard for inspiring this blog. Not only is she witty and wildly entertaining, but her personality pops from the print. I have never been much for blogging/journaling/scrap-booking/blah-blah, but have always been in awe of those that are. This is my pathetic attempt to enter that mysterious and magical world of the creative and test my skills in the unrelenting public eye. I will not promise to blog every week, woah, every month...but I do promise to be honest, genuine, and to give you a slight glimpse into my wonderful life full of love and simple joy.

So welcome! And I hope you enjoy the ride. I won't blame you if you pull that little string that buses have to get off silly rantings aren't that entertaining.

(And yes mom, I'll show you how to comment on this thing...once I figure it out myself.)


  1. The picture of you and hubby is worth a million bucks! I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Hey! Me too! Only I haven't been keeping up with it well, nor am I brave enough to post it on Facebook. You've inspired me to be better!