Sunday, December 12, 2010


How do you know the Clarks have been grocery shopping? Just look at our fruit bowl. Ooh, how I love fruit! We stock up for the week, so by Friday this bowl is bare to the bone. But today it is full of yummy goodies!

Besides stocking up our fridge, I also had a little escapade in the kitchen. I was craving some breakfast muffins so I cracked open my favorite cookbook, knowing I'd find the perfect recipe. And Ree didn't disappoint. Her wonderful French Breakfast Puffs sounded perfect!

I set out everything I need because 1) All the fancy food-bloggers do it; and 2)I needed to make sure I had all the ingredients. Do you see the Pioneer Woman peeping out; I often pretend she is watching over my kitchen, to ensure no disaster occurs. Thanks Ree!

I got to work and followed her instructions: Creaming the sugar and shortening, then adding the eggs

Then I added the flour/nutmeg mixture and the milk, creating this beautiful yummy batter.

I filled up the muffin pans.

And may or may not have helped my self to a quick taste.

After cooking until golden brown, the messy part began: Dipping the warm muffins into melted butter then rolling in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Sinful!

Finally, heaven in muffin-form! Served best with a hot cup of vanilla-chia tea, the scent of your new pumpkin candle, the twinkle of Christmas tree, and Father of the Bride playing in the background.

This is going to be a great day!


  1. What cook book were you using? your food delight s often catch my attention and this one looks & sounds way good!

  2. this recipe looks horrible (the butter dipping part lol) and extremely delicious all at the same time! thanks for sharing...I just might try it someday!